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Holistic Nutrition Consultation

By definition ‘holistic’ nutrition means focusing on natural foods while finding ways to improve health. Looking at lifestyle is hugely important. This includes sleep, stress, and lifestyle patterns because they affect our health just as much as the food we eat!!

Eating healthy foods as close to their original harvest is by far the best option. So, this would mean eating locally grown unprocessed and unrefined foods as much as we can.   Here in WNC we have foods that are grown in each season of the year. These locally grown options have the most flavor and nutrition. It is a joy for me to help you find ways to enjoy them!

But, that does not mean that you have to give up the foods you like! Adding a few simple foods to your daily routine is the best way to get started…and the easiest.

Nutrametrix Supplements

Sometimes supplements can help support us nutritionally when we are making changes to our environment and lifestyle options.  They do not take the place of good quality food, but can be a viable aid to our bodies especially with chronic illnesses.

Many people take supplements, but how much of them get absorbed? Nutrametrix supplements provide top quality, readily absorbable nutrients to your daily routine. They are the most readily absorbable on the market. Ask me for a sample next time you are at 8th Element.. You can visit my Nutrametrix site and browse around at nutrametrix.com/carver or email me with your questions at carvercranio@gmail.com

Sessions:    Holistic Nutrition Consultation: 60 minutes $50
                      Follow-up Sessions: 30 minutes $25

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