What is CVAC™?

CVAC™ stands for Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™. As you sit comfortably in the pod, an external pump creates constant and rapid changes of pressure, simulating increases and decreases in altitude.  This is not the constant pressure of a hyperbaric chamber, but rather a rhythmic stimulation that relaxes the body. The changes in barometric pressure signals the body to make more red blood cells and to bring oxygen and healing to every cell in the body. 

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The Benefits of the CVAC Process™ include the following:

The CVAC can help to alleviate aches and pains whether they are in your muscles or maybe in your joints.  This gentle form of exercise helps get oxygen to the areas that are inflamed.  Inflammation is a primary source of aches and pains.

The CVAC also helps remove a lot of the inflammation and edema that contribute to the pain.  Joint replacement?  Come and get in the CVAC while you see your therapist and get more bang for your buck out of your therapy! 

CVAC sessions after an athletic event can help you recover from sore, strained or injured muscles that can normally keep you out of the game for several days.   CVAC sessions may help flush out swelling and lactic acid from exertion; and speed up the body’s natural ability to deliver more oxygen to the muscles to get you back into your workout!

Muscle sprains/swelling

Post Surgery Recovery

Post Athletic Event

Time in the CVAC can be beneficial before and after an event or a workout for muscle conditioning.

The Glymph  (Lymph) system in the brain clears away toxins and swelling primarily during sleep. Brain injury, surgery or infection  can disrupt this clearing process contributing to:

  • headaches and migraines
  • slow, foggy thinking
  • forgetfulness
  • memory issues
  • word finding problems
  • difficulty with focus and concentration
  • sensitivity to light and sound
  • neuromuscular and movement problems
  • gastrointestinal problems

CVAC can stimulate lymphatic flow to clear out the swelling and toxins. 

CVAC signals the body to increase the production of red blood cells which improves circulation to the heart, lungs and the entire body giving you more energy, vitality and stamina.   This benefits:

  • Heart Disease
  • COPD  (Coronary Pulmonary Disease)
  • Asthma
  • Neuropathy
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Anemia
  • Shortness of Breath (with exertion)
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Peripheral Artery Disease

Time in the CVAC can dramatically reduce the inflammation after an injury and/or a surgical procedure. It also ramps up your red blood cell production (oxygen) to promote a faster healing process with less discomfort. 

Inflammation is the cause of  a lot of pain in the body. Some of it you can't see because it's deep in your tissues.  Swelling, however, is usually visible and is a normal form of inflammation after an injury or a surgery.  But, chronic or excessive  inflammation is NOT.  The CVAC can reduce both the inflammation and the pain!   

The immune system is so very important to our health.  Fighting viral and bacterial infections is the primary role of the immune system.  If it gets depleted you may find yourself fighting infection too often. CVAC session can help build up your immunity and keep you from frequent illness.

CVAC Packages

First Session is Free!

Single Session                  $45.00
3 session package           $100.00
6 session package           $180.00
16 session package         $400.00
40 session package         $650.00 

All packages are good for 90 days.   

You can schedule up to 3 sessions per day Monday thru Friday over the 90 day period.

Take your health to the next altitude! 

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Beth Carver

Speech-Language Pathologist | CranioSacral Therapist | Holistic Nutritionist

Laura Dylus

Physical Therapist | NDT Neuro Physical Therapist / Functional Movement Screens

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