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Histologically Variable Manual Therapy is a one-on-one modality using the innovative Hivamat.

Typically found in the training rooms of professional sport teams, the Hivamat delivers low frequencies of gentle, electrostatic impulses deep into the tissue, penetrating up to 12 cm (4 ¾ inches) into the skin to gently contract and release the tissue, causing a kneading effect that helps to localize swelling and hasten the body’s natural healing

These deep therapeutic oscillations are so gentle that they may be used immediately post-surgery, right after an injury, to soften scars or with lymphatic conditions. The Hivamat has been clinically proven to help reduce fluid and protein build-ups in the body that contribute to swelling.

You will need to first choose the treatment time you want and then the person you want for the treatment.

Sessions:   45 minutes $65
                    60 minutes $80

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