Learn More: Instrument Assisted Myofascial Release (Scraping)

Instrument Assisted Myofascial Release

This myofascial release technique uses several different types of ergonomically designed tools, or instruments, to assist the clinician in detecting, localizing and treating restrictions in the fascia.  These restrictions, such as soft tissue fibrosis, deeper scars and chronic inflammation, may restrict range and cause pain.

Different pressures are used to glide the tool along fascial patterns. Lighter pressures are used for relaxation and acute injury, while deeper pressures can be used to create controlled microtrauma in an area of repeated strain. Deeper pressure of the instrument enhances the presence of healing cells, or fibroblasts, to remodel the soft tissue
and alleviate pain, correct movement patterns, increase scar tissue flexibility and decrease inflammation, such as in tendonitis, all with the goal of returning to full range of motion, strength and function.

Note: The clinician may recommend skilled physical therapy to treat movement patterns or muscle imbalance that contribute to areas of chronic inflammation or strain, with the goal of decreasing or resolving these symptoms.

Sessions:  30 minutes $40
                    60 minutes $80

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