Learn More: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Have your unique movement patterns screened by a certified Functional Movement Systems therapist. To perform at your highest level, you have to go back to the basics to avoid overuse, injury and pain.  Current movement habits and past injuries, no matter how small, can have a large effect and hold you back from discovering your full potential.

Come take the FMS challenge! You’ll be surprised and want more!

Corrective Exercise Plan 
With the individualized information gathered from your Functional Movement Screen, we can make a unique corrective exercise plan to improve your limiting movement behaviors. As your movement improves and becomes more efficient, challenges like load, frequency and speed are added. You never knew you could turn your body into a peak performance
machine like this!

(This screen is not to diagnose orthopedic problems. If you are experiencing pain or recovering from an injury, a formal therapy evaluation is recommended.)

You can book additional follow up sessions directly with your clinician after you have completed the Screen.

Sessions:  60 minute screen + corrective exercise plan $80

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