Learn More: Vagus Nerve Assessment and Treatment

Did you know that the vagus nerve is a key player in your gut functions, inflammation,  foggy brain, anxiety, some autoimmune issues and even depression.  The communication runs from the brain to the gut and affects multiple functions along it’s pathway.   It innervates the muscles for your voice and your swallow and it sends and receives information from the gut (including your organs) to your brain.

The brain and the gut have a bidirectional communication network that is constantly communicating.  Issues in the gut, heart, lungs, throat affect the brain and vice versa.  It’s important to keep this unique line of communication open and engaged in all of it’s functions.  A sluggish area can negatively affect the efficiency of other adjacent areas.


Once you know how well or poorly this nerve is serving your body functions, you will be equipped to stimulate it with very specific exercises and activities to help improve your function and help maintain your health.

After clicking on the session you want you will then choose the clinician.


Sessions:    Evaluation 45 minutes   $50.00

                     Follow up sessions: 20-30 minutes   $25.00
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