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Nutrametrix Gene SNP Testing:

The Gene SNP is genetic testing to find out what your genetic profile needs for optimum nutrition and health. Every day our cells make more cells. They divide and make “copies” of themselves. Some of our genes are SNPs. In other words they are faulty copies!  So, what happens to our health if we keep making faulty copies?  These faulty gene cells cause health problems that we need to address and in some cases, reverse. Knowing how to eat for your genonmic profile can help boost your health and empower you to maintain it!

For example: ” Do you have SNPs that govern your weight or cardiovascular health?”   Knowing  your gene profile  gives you the power to eat for your genomic profile.  This can translate into weight loss or improved cardiovascular health or many, many other health benefits!   So, discover your personal profile so you can manage the health issues that YOUR body needs.   Get a detailed analysis of your specific profile.

This is a saliva test that is sent to the Nutrametrix lab. It takes 6-8 weeks to process. It is personal and private. Unlike many of the other online companies that offer to screen your ‘health genes’and then sell them to a pharmaceutical company! Nutrametrix keeps your information private.

Discover what your genes want to keep you healthy!! Saliva swabs are done first thing in the morning (8:30-9:00am) before eating/drinking anything…only water.   Do not even brush your teeth!  Call for
additional information  (828) 571-0098.

Book Now: GeneSNP Test $599.00 (includes test kit, shipping to lab, interpretation of full report with consultation and complete explanation with the certified Holistic Nutritionist .

There is a 6-8 week wait time for the lab work as it is very comprehensive. Call today for an appointment 828.571.0440.evn to

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