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Dry Needling:

Dry Needling is a one-on-one therapy that is performed by a rigorously trained and licensed Physical Therapist. It addresses trigger point myofascial pain. Repetitive activity, injury, scar tissue, muscle strength imbalance or performing a physical task that requires much more effort than usual may all create trigger points in the muscle.

A trigger point is an area in the muscle where some fibers have bound down and interfere with strength and flexibility. Trigger points can be felt in the muscle as well as seen by ultrasound.  They lack normal oxygen and blood supply. As a result, they emit pain chemicals.  Sometimes the first sign of a trigger point is a pain in another area away from the actual trigger point. This type of pain cannot be reproduced by touching the aching area. This is an example of fascial pain.  A nagging ache and hard knot in a muscle that radiates pain when pressed on may also be a trigger point.

Dry Needling alleviates trigger points by the precise placement of a very thin needle directly into the bound down muscle fibers to realign both the fibers and the fascia while pulling fibroblasts (healing cells) into the area. This eliminates pain and improves muscle strength, flexibility, power and performance.

Note: The therapist may recommend skilled physical therapy evaluation and treatment to prevent or reduce trigger point formation.

Sessions: 30 minutes $50
                   45 minutes $75

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