Impedance is the frequency-dependent opposition of a conductor to the flow of an alternating electric current. Impedance is composed of two main properties, resistance and reactance.


The InBody 370 provides segmental (different areas of the body) impedance values at varying frequencies to allow for accurate analysis of the human body. Since reactance is the interrupting force of alternating current flow, it increases in proportion to the integrity of the cell membrane. 


We are now able to measure and track valuable indicators of your health like your visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass and body water distribution in segmental readings for specific areas of the body.   A small alternating current is sent through the body which measures the different resistance in the make-up of the body.  Body fat compared to body water (such as blood) has a much weaker conductivity, which equals relatively high impedance (resistance).


The more water there is, the lower the impedance (usually a sign of inflammation!)  The more fat the higher the impedance.


Come and learn more about YOUR body’s water/muscle/fat distribution and how to optimize your health and weight management! 


Bioimpedance:   $25.00

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