How to Book a CVAC Session:


  First Time?   We offer a   free trial for the first session in the CVAC. 
   Give us a call to schedule your first session at (828) 571-0440.


  Booking other CVAC sessions is easy!   First,  decide on a package (listed below); enter name, email, etc. and then pick the day and time you want to   come.  Only available times will be shown.  After that click on the Pay Now button and enter your credit card information.  EASY PEASY!  Each   session  is 20 minutes.  If you have any problems, please give us a call at (828)517-0440.


 Regular Prices are as Follows:

 Single Session  $45.00
 3 – Session Package  $100.00  ($10.00 savings)
 6 – Session Package  $180.00   ($50.00 savings
16 – Monthly Session Package  $375.00 (over $345.00 savings!!!)


If you have questions about how the CVAC benefits the body, please give us a call.  We are happy to explain the process to you.  828.571.0440


New Pricing:  We have lowered our pricing on the CVAC and some of the other treatments we offer as well.  For limited time, we are offering 10 minutes free on the Vibration Plate when you purchase a package!  If you have any trouble, please give us a call at 828.571.0440 or email us at  We are glad to help!  NOw everyone can afford to reap the benefits of the CVAC!



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