Are CVAC sessions covered by insurance?
No, CVAC is exercise equipment which is not covered by insurance. This includes non-coverage by Medicare.

How safe is the CVAC to use?
There have been hundreds of thousands of sessions since 2003, all without incident.

When is using the CVAC not appropriate?
You should not use the CVAC if your physician says you are not cleared to fly in an airplane OR
If you are sick, have a sinus infection or a fever OR
If you are not able to clear your ears with changes in pressure OR
You have active blood clots, or tend to blood clot.
Each person must sign a waiver prior to using the CVAC.

Is there someone to help me in and out of the CVAC?
You have to step up into the CVAC unit and turn to sit down as well as getting yourself out of the unit.  If you need help with this, please bring someone who can help you in and out of the CVAC unit.  This kind of assistance will not be provided.

How is sitting in a CVAC Pod like exercising?
The CVAC unit mimics the conditions that the heart and lungs undergo while you exercise.  The body naturally adapts to this increased demand, which improves and accelerates fitness even more. The rapid changes in air pressure provide a squeeze-and-release effect on the body, stimulating lymph flow similar to the lymphatic stimulation provided with exercise movement.

What benefits could I potentially gain from the CVAC Process?
Benefits may be similar to those gained through traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise; allowing you to achieve better oxygen utilization, improved anaerobic energy production and improved metabolic waste removal, only without effort on your part.

Is the CVAC process right for me?
Any condition that benefits from exercise has the potential to benefit from the CVAC process. The CVAC is exercise equipment and makes no claims to treat or cure a condition. Any questions regarding your health should be discussed with your physician.

I work out at the gym, why should I take CVAC Sessions?
Exercise programs are comprised of various components—each complementing one another to achieve overall benefit.  The body’s ability to use oxygen is enhanced,  resulting  in longer cardio workouts and faster healing from strain or injury.

Is the CVAC Process altitude training?
 It is not the only benefit. You do get an acclimation effect, as well an exercise effect.

How many sessions should I take?
The CVAC may be used just like an exercise program.  If you have not exercised in a long time, 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks is a good general rule to start. You may choose to continue the CVAC Process as your conditioning program, or transition to another form of exercise once you are ready.  If you are an elite athlete or regular exerciser, you may need less than this to have competition or recovery benefit, or use it to keep you in good cardiovascular shape while you heal from an injury or surgery.

Are there special times that I should consider using the CVAC?
Yes!  Consider using the CVAC prior to life events like family reunions, babysitting grandchildren for a week, travel that includes altitude changes or lots of walking, vacations that include keeping up with all age groups, and prior to elective surgeries. Any time being in better aerobic shape is desirable, then that is the time to consider CVAC!

How is a CVAC Pod different from a hyperbaric chamber?
A hyperbaric chamber increases the air pressure in a specific space at a static, or specific level, with additional oxygen concentration. The CVAC process cycles room air at varying levels of pressure.

How is a CVAC Pod different from a hypobaric chamber?A hypobaric chamber decreases the amount of available oxygen in the air that you breathe at a static, or fixed level. This stimulates red blood cell production and oxygen delivery to the tissues. A CVAC Pod differs by varying the air pressure between different altitudes. This provides a “squeeze-and-release” effect on the body also may stimulate the lymph system. This total process improves the amount of available oxygen in the blood by stimulating red blood cell production, as well as flushing out toxins.

Does the CVAC use the body’s own natural responses to improve conditioning?
The CVAC Process uses no artificial methods and does not add anything to the body. The CVAC Process naturally stimulates your body’s own adaptive conditioning response.  It does not identify with any banned  technique or substance as outlined by the World Anti-Doping Agency. 

Is there research on the CVAC Process?
Yes, there is ongoing research to support the CVAC Process’ exercise effect on the body. We have included some on this website. You may also refer to


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